Freestone Peach

To create his one of a kind Freestone Peach designs, Joel Adam Baynard collects wood that would otherwise be destroyed; he harvests from non-producing trees slated to be burned or worm-eaten scraps, the weathered limbs of trees that would otherwise be done with fruitful life. Joel sets the cracks and fissures in this ruptured wood with gemstones: uneven, fractured, gemstones that otherwise may not have ever been used for jewelry. Thanks to Freestone Peach Design’s unique manufacturing processes, these two organic materials – both unwanted on their own – join to become something wonderful, fresh, and new. His design aesthetic is strongly influenced by his experience with the Japanese culture. He speaks often of his dedication to the principles of the Shibui aesthetic: Simplicity, Implicitness, Modesty, Silence, Naturalness, Everydayness, and Imperfection.
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