Death’s Head Hawk Moth

Designer: Maura Green

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The Death’s Head Hawk Moth represents resurrection and transformation. In changing from a creature which crawls on the ground, and going through stages of metamorphosis to emerge as a winged insect with patterns both fierce and delicate, these moths symbolizes rebirth, transformation, and resurrection. Because the moth is attracted to light physically, it is a symbol of the soul’s quest for truth, and also of the fragility of life. Like the moth is always attracted to the light, so is the soul attracted or drawn to the Divine Truth.

  • Hand carved by real artisans from abalone, mother of pearl and turquoise jasper
  • hand set in New York City in 14K yellow gold
  • with a rose cut citrine
  • each of our moth’s is completely one of a kind due to the natural variation in the shells they are carved from the and hand of the artist.