Glyph Earrings

Designer: Oropopo Jewelry

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The Glyph series is an investigation into the nature of communication without words. The surprising development was a return to a simple form of communication. In a time when words fail or have lost meaning how do we regain something so inherent in our nature. The result is a series that explores an original form of expression; one that is ancient and universal but seems essential right now.

Glyphs are not words and yet more powerful in their ability to break down barriers and connect across both cultural and personal barriers. They are both universal and individual.

When combined, two glyphs are designated a glyphpair. The two glyphs are transformed by their relationship while neither is lost. In this spirit we offer individual glyph earrings that can be paired as you see fit.

1/2” wide, 1/4” deep and 6 1/2” long.

Silver components, clear lucite and cream*faux fringe or black wood and black suede fringe. Sold as individual earrings.