LadyFinger Charms

Designer: Maura Green

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Mudra is a Sanskrit word for “Seal” or “Gesture”…check out these gestures…

    • 14K Solid Yellow Gold
    • with Diamonds
    • All charms are approximately 3/4” in length with out bale, 1” with bale

        • The Gyan Mudra stimulates the root chakra, easing tension and depression. It relates to expansion and knowledge. It is extremely calming and brings the practitioner spiritual openness and ease in meditation. She rocks a Diamond ring

        • The Ladybird is a reminder that sometimes it’s alright to say no thanks, run along! Stay fierce ladies. She rocks a Diamond ring

        • Send peace and good vibes into the world with this wearable mantra, a tangible prayer. She rocks a Diamond ring
        • The Figa has had numerous meanings over the ages in different cultures. In ancient times it was worn as an incantation to The Goddess, a call for fertility, virility and good times. In some cultures Figa is a slang for female genitalia, in others the gesture is similar to giving someone the middle finger. She rocks a Diamond ring

        • Say it wordlessly. This Ladyfinger hand gesture says “I Love You” in American Sign Language. Spread the love in every language. She rocks a Diamond ring
        • The perfect piece for your #neckparty The “Rock On” LadyFinger adds a touch of Rock N’Roll to any ensemble. She rocks a Diamond ring too, of course!