Moon Face Charm

Designer: Maura Green

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The moon has been a subject of art, poetry, spiritual practices, and symbolic adornment for Millenia. A well known symbol of feminine energy, she influences the tides of the ocean, reflects the light of the sun, and we know that her influence on Earth is ever present, even when she is invisible to us. The moon is at once both powerful and subtle. We can gaze at her in awe, and we can forget that she is there. My intention when I wear this piece is to reconnect with the divine feminine, to remember that even when I am not looking up or seeking her, she remains with me, over me, in me. Like the moon, we experience the cycles of life, and like the moon, we sometimes seem to vanish into darkness, but we remain, and our glow returns 

Moon Face charm gets her luminescent glow from a special carving and layering process whereby we set a thin disk of abalone shell beneath a hand carved milky clear chalcedony face.

Natural abalone shell has complex layers of patterns and colors in it’s nacre, so each of our moon faces has a iridescent rainbow sheen which, when layered with the milky clear chalcedony, creates a unique luminous glow from within. Each carving is completely unique and which changes when viewed from different angles.’

  • 14K Gold
  • accented with 3 genuine diamonds
  • Hand Carved Milky Clear Chalcedony
  • Abalone Shell
  • 20mm diameter